Fried onions

The fried onions we produce are a product which we make only from carefully selected ingredients. All vegetables intended for processing are thoroughly checked to verify their freshness, and if there is any damage to their surface, they are immediately discarded. To be ideal for frying, onions must be firm and juicy, as only then will they gain the taste and aroma desired.

In the production process, we use only palm oil sourced from controlled plantations, 100% certified by RSPO as either segregated oil or rapeseed oil – depending on the clients' individual needs. The frying process is also something that we carry out carefully. The methods we use at our workplace allow us to achieve precisely the effect that our Clients desire – golden–coloured onions with the characteristic crunchiness. Onions should never be heated too rapidly, otherwise, they can gain a bitter aftertaste and become unpleasantly hard. We always abide by this rule to make sure that our Clients’ kitchens are stocked only with the highest quality products!

Fried onions can be used in a variety of ways. They can serve as an addition to ready-made dishes, including meat, fish, dumplings and potato salads. They go perfectly with sausages and boiled eggs and are also great for preparing savoury dips and hot sauces. They can be used as an ingredient in savoury pastries as well, as they give bread and bread rolls a truly wonderful aroma! Additionally, fried onions can be used as toppings for hot dogs, hamburgers and casseroles. Eating our fried onions on their own is possible too, so they can easily be used as a replacement for chips and other snacks.