"Food safety and quality are key to client satisfaction and the manufacturer's market success"


Product safety and quality are elements that no company working in the food industry can afford to ignore. In our daily work, we make every effort to ensure that our products meet all quality criteria and our Clients’ expectations alike. We maintain the excellent quality standards of our fried onions based on the requirements imposed by the certifications we hold, including:

  • BRC, which guarantees the correct production process and permits the release of products onto the market only after they have passed a series of tests and inspections,
  • IFS, which sets the standards in the food industry, primarily in Western Europe,
  • RSPO, which confirms compliance with standards concerning vital social and environmental issues,
  • KOSHER, confirming that a given product is kosher,
  • FDA, which confirms that a product is not harmful to consumers, among others.
  • ISO 28000, which is an objective confirmation of applying good practices in the area of risk management and continuity of the supply chain.